Workers Can Be Hired Back by Employers Using a Fully Automated AI Recruiter From Avrio

BOSTON–([1])–Avrio now provides recruiters the first fully automated end-to-end recruiting technology, leveraging AI to increase recruiter efficiency while eliminating non-strategic manual tasks. To Avrio Eftase! It means ‘Tomorrow has Arrived!’ in Greek, and with this version, the world of tomorrow is here today for employers. The whole process takes minutes and hours, not days and weeks to get top candidates.

Now, employers have a fully-scalable AI recruiter that requires no upfront integrations, no messy data replication and no ATS tracking codes and source-of-hire reports to reconcile. You post a job on the system and get hires. You pay for hires, when you acquire a new employee.

The AI engine can find candidates via job postings and across resume databases, contact them directly, confirm both job skills and fit criteria and find a time that works for them to connect with a human decision maker. Avrio is pre-integrated with Nexxt to publish jobs across 50 career sites with access to a diversified talent network of more than 75 million candidates from the Nexxt database. Machine learning and semantic matching is used to drive efficiency throughout the entire process for candidates and for employers.

With Avrio, customers can take advantage of the HR Tech industry’s first and only risk free business model to make their lives easier. Customers only pay for actual hires. There are no upfront user licenses, no lock-ins, no CPC, PPC, PPV or CPA to worry about. You pay to hire an employee.

Alex Knowles, Talent Manager at Copenhagen Capacity, an early Avrio customer said, “Avrio is a proven solution, not just for employers but also talent attraction agencies looking to create growth in their cities. As the official organisation for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen, we are excited to use the new capabilities to further our mission to recruit top talent from all across the world to work in Denmark.”

“Avrio has taken a very unique and innovative approach when it comes to AI for hiring,” said Nikos Livadas, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Nexxt. “We are very excited to be partnering with Avrio to help create a compelling recipe for talent acquisition leaders, enabling them to increase candidate engagement while also decreasing time to hire. With Nexxt’s more than 27 million resumes and 75 million candidates fueling Avrio’s conversational AI sourcing and ranking platform we can’t wait to see how this new offering exceeds customer expectations in today’s challenging environment.”

“Job applicants have long been stymied by the ‘black hole’ of hiring processes,” said Javid Muhammedali, Head of Product at Avrio AI. “A responsive, scalable AI recruiter that can review resumes, ask personalized questions, have a full conversation and answer candidates’ questions is a compelling solution given all the uncertainty in the hiring process. HR leaders can have peace of mind in being able to scale up when called upon, and yet have a consistent process.”

“We’re excited to bring to market a revolutionary solution that accelerates hiring,” said Nachi Junankar, CEO. “Recruiters and managers face a massive increase in applicants with a smaller team. At the same time, applicants are looking for employers to be more responsive. Avrio ensures that the right candidate gets to the front of the line and that both recruiters and applicants get the speed and effectiveness they deserve.”

About Avrio AI Inc.

Avrio, a leader in AI for recruiting helps employers and staffing firms match, engage and hire top talent. To see how AI is making breakthrough changes in recruiting, visit[2] or book a demo at[3]

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