Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO of Apple: Forbes Takes

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple this evening. Down below are the salient bits from the Apple[1] press release, preceded by links to what else we’ve been posting this evening. Much of the Web has already been trotting out its obit material. A little too soon, I think, but the consensus is there is not much time left.

Eric Savitz on why we should pray for Steve while buying up shares of Apple[2]. Savitz on the bullish reaction from the Street[3]. Eric Jackson with some Thursday morning (after) trading strategies[4] for Apple stock. Forbes editor Matt Schifrin names the elite hedge fund managers[5] who have been buying up Apple stock for months. Nicole Perlroth has the resignation letter[6]. Staff writer Brian Caulfield with the overview and longer view[7] and a “lost” 1984 video. Caulfield, again, with a look at Jobs’ tenure, by the numbers[8], with Apple tending to kick the industry’s ass. Caulfield, thricely, with the eve’s headline[9]: “What Will Apple Be Like Without Steve Jobs? We’re Not About To Find Out.” Staff reporter Tomio Geron got some reactions from tech execs[10] including Marc Benioff[11], Dennis Crowley. Contributor Carmine Gallo, from over in our Leadership[12] channel, divulges the seven principles of Steve Jobs’ success[13]. Tech channel[14] contributor Tero Kuittinen on how Apple’s next opponents will be tougher than Sony and Nokia[15]. Outgoing editor Quentin Hardy (we’ll miss you buddy) on picking up the phone one day in 1996; Steve was calling[16] to talk about Pixar. Savitz, again, reveals that his daughter once had a very special, imaginary friend named Steve Jobs, an exclusive for[17]. Chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin pens a post from the bridge recalling, the day Jobs came into his office at Newsweek[18] in 1985. Newsweek’s cover on Jobs got bumped for a Mexican earthquake, but maybe didn’t because we have a photo of that issue with Jobs on it. Contributor Robert Hof on Jobs’ highlights as advertising master[19].

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